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The Note Exchange that allows you to buy 1-2-3 or 50 assets

The Note Exchange

Watermark is creating a bridge between Wall Street institutional mortgage wholesalers and Main Street retail note buyers who are usually only able to obtain notes privately on a one off basis.

Our Trade Desk is accommodating banks, larger hedge funds and private equity firms to sell their portfolios and therefore creating the ever crucial liquidity they need - and to you the investors - more loans to buy at much better pricing. Watermark expects to have over 9,000 loans for sale in 2023.


Watermark Exchange - Latest Offering

Watermark's Note Gallery
Performing, 1st Lien
Eden Mills, Vermont
Non Performing, 1st Lien
New York, New York
Non Performing, 1st Lien
Jamaica, New York
Non Performing, 1st Lien
Springfield, Massachusetts
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