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New York, NY (MMD Newsire) July 9, 2014 — Warren Buffet is famously quoted for saying in 2012 that “he’d buy up a couple hundred thousand single family homes if it were practical to do so.” So how does the non-Warren Buffet or small time investor find these deals? You have to find the major players in the market that are selling assets who want to deal with the retail buyer.

Wall Street added another major player in the toxic and distressed asset market in March of this year. Val Sotir launched the Watermark Capital Fund LLC which is a real estate investment fund focused on buying and selling non performing 1st and 2nd mortgages on residential property to real estate investors all across the country. “We really believe that our exchange is the premier online source for real estate investors looking for deals for their own portfolio.” Sotir also added that the “Watermark Trading Exchange ( ) targets the one-off buyer, but we do have the capability to sell pools of assets to more established buyers looking for deals in the market.”

Not only does Watermark market their portfolio of assets for sale, they also provide and handle trading for other hedge funds who are looking to sell off a portion of their portfolio don’t have the expansive list of retail buyers that Sotir has established over his 23 year track record in the trading and mortgage industry. “Watermark Capital and Watermark Trading Exchange have become staples on our buying side and what Val (Sotir) had done to streamline the process not only makes it easier to find deals, but also much more efficient for new note investors to get their feet wet. Watermark has helped open up the note market to new real estate investors who are tired of trying to close on short sales or find REO’s at a number that makes sense” stated Scott Carson, President of Inverse Investment LLC which is a nationwide note buying and education company. He also added that “Sotir has helped hundreds of my new student investors close on their first deal and make money in the toxic asset markets by buying these assets and then turning them into loan modifications, deed in lieus, or foreclosing on the borrowers and controlling the underlying real estate.”


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