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Watermark Exchange will be the first trading company in United States to accept bitcoin for note sales.

“We understand bitcoin is becoming a very important way of paying for transactions, so we’ve been working hard to integrate bitcoin capabilities into our platform,” Founder & CEO of Watermark Trading Exchange Val Sotir said. “Our team is constantly looking for ways to improve the trading experience of our clients. We really believe that adding bitcoin as a form of payment on our exchange will offer even more flexibility to our international real estate investors looking to add defaulted notes to their own portfolio.”

Sotir, a 23-year Wall Street veteran in the trading and mortgage industry, said his firm has gotten numerous inquiries from international investors – particularly from Europe, South America and Asia – about being able to accept bitcoin. Watermark’s entry into the digital currency space gives buyers more flexibility to pay.

Watermark has a designated trading desk to convert bitcoin payments directly into U.S. dollars, and it has retained BitPay as its payment processor. This move was meant to ensure Watermark could serve a larger section of the US investor market.

Bitcoin and digital currencies burst into the mainstream in 2013, and they have become a topic of great debate by politicians, regulators, retail owners, and financial professionals.

About Watermark Trading Exchange

Watermark Trading Exchange connects Wall Street institutional mortgage wholesalers with Main Street retail note buyers who are usually only able to obtain notes privately on a one-off basis. Watermark Exchange is accommodating banks, larger hedge funds and private equity firms to sell their portfolios, creating liquidity so investors can buy more loans at much better pricing.

Watermark Trading Exchange has hundreds of assets for sale across the United States for investors to purchase.


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